Neanderthal Bitch.
"We assume others show love the same way we do- and if they don't we worry that the love is not there"
Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty.

Beauty is more than what you see.

Its in her eyes, and her smile, and in her heart.

Beauty, is like a rising sun, or a crashing wave, or the smells of warm rain.

It’s soft, and subtle, in the simplest of ways.

Its distinctive, and hard to find, like a lost pearl.

But when you see her;

You’ve found it.

You’ve found true beauty. 


You’re walking through a clear, green forest,

And a gentle breeze chills the air,

Slowly the sky begins to fade,

And the colours seem to dampen.

The further you walk,

The darker it gets,

With each step,

Your skin prickles.

You close your eyes,

And the surroundings consume you.

Screams fill your ears,

But the forest is silent.

You can’t escape the endless black hole,

The shrieks of excitement.

The shadows of black and grey,

Are forced into your blinded sight.

You feel as though your eyes are clamped shut,

And that theres no escape to the screams that freeze you.

You feel your body weaken and stiffen,

As you struggle to stand,

Your breathing still, almost stopped.

You’re motionless as it takes over.

Your eyes snap open and all light returns,

The colours replace the darkness,

Air again fills your lungs.

You lift your face to see the brightest of lights.

Staring back at you,

She’s expressionless,

Nothing but a quiet smirk.

A look that tells you she can take you.

She took your breath away,

She took it all,

Just like that. 


I want to know the difference between fantasy and reality; fact and fiction; light and dark; you and me; and more importantly myself and I. To know whether what you see is truly me, or merely a reflection of company.

I want to feel what it is to truly feel, and not to bend and change into what’s not real.

I want to see, to hear, to touch unclear. For what’s not near to you, is almost fear to me, it’s burning so ferociously. 

I can’t explain my own desire to unveil to you my truest hour, to show you spirals of what’s inside, to share with you a darker side.

A side of which you already know, for it was you who helped him grow. 

I’ll bring him out for you to see, to show you who I’ll truly be. 


Poem about cats with sexual innuendo.

"I closed my eyes And licked the cat
A shiver moved down my spine
The cat went for my fingers
Almost stuffing them in it’s mouth
I bend one of my fingers,
Trying to release it from it’s wet mouth

It did not work.

I try again,
This time harder.
Suddenly I stumble backwards
And fall onto a milk carton.
An explosion erupted as
I screamed I’m all wet now.”


I want to do something. I want to climb a mountain then fall. Kayak up a river. I want to go camping in the middle of everywhere. I want to have to cook all my meals over a close fire. I want to get lost and have to use my non existent brain to get back. I want to run for miles and not trip. I want to grab a disposable camera and get a picture of my guh face. I want to go in to the city with only 100 dollars and see how many strippers I waste it on. I want to rock climb when I’m drunk. I want to sail the Reid. I want to have stories to tell my multiple husbands. I want friends. THE END.

I’ve been feeling really crappy lately; dizzy, anxious, I feel really sad and depressed for no reason, stuff like that I don’t really like to complain or feel sorry for myself but it got so bad that I had to tell my parents. They just assumed it was because of me being a vegetarian and not eating so they’re just making me take a crap load of vitamins. It hasn’t gotten any better

A Sparrow’s Call

A shaded mountain falls on your skin,

A petal lands softly on your cheeks,

And I feel the stone pressing harder on my heart,

O, how I’ll long for your sweet scent,

O, how I’ll swim through the oceans of despair, 

O, how come it is that I have seen but such beauty

stood in front of me since you’ve gone, 

Ah, I see, I see,

It was but your reflection

everlasting like a sparrow’s call.

Pause. And I look to said reflection, 

Touch the contours;

your soft skin trembles,

quaint to my touch. 

But there’s something there

nothing there. 

But, O, there is. 

A quaint little tremble, 

A life-stopping earthquake in my heart, 

But you see, 

But you notice,

But you must, 

You must understand

that the shaded mountain

falling on your skin 

is but a memory

not even a sparrow’s call. 

A feeble little memory

that is soon forgotten,

Farewell, darling.


Gaikoku Hito

Endless, perpetual life flows out in front of me, 

Anywhere, I can pick any place to go, 

It overwhelms me, like an oncoming tide knocking me off balance and I fall through the ground.

Hear that? That’s the sound of the existence whirring, turning, 

burning, ticking, clicking, clacking, smacking 

break. All life comes to a slow. 

Break. All life kick starts again full motion swinging.

Where can I go? Will you accompany me? Or

will you stay where you are and wish me well?

I pass beneath the ground and an influx of people astound me. 

I walk on the shiny, polluted floor under the floor of the people above, 

And I have a choice. Which route, line, track, train, do I take?

Words, so many long, foreign words, 

They confuse me, trick me, daylight robbery. Or kidnap, or something else. 

They’re here and I’m frightened. I clutch my bag in close. And I start to shake. 

Where will it be? Can I help you? Where do you want to go?

You’re all too kind, really – it’s appreciated, but… Merely, I am mistaken. A foreigner. 

Shinjuku, Suginami, Setagaya, Sumida, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Saitama, Sagamihara. 

And that’s merely a rung on the ladder of letters, 

All these endless places of people going on with their daily lives, 

And I am lost. 

Where is home, loved one? Lead me to you.


one day picasso was sitting on a park bench in france, a young women approached him and commented, ‘you’re picasso, are you not?’ to which he replied, ‘yes ma’am I am.’ pleased with his response she asked, ‘well then i must ask you to draw a portrait of me right here and now!’ so he agreed and within minutes he was completed, the women was so happy with she immediately offered to buy it. when asked about the price he wished to receive for the beautiful sketch, picasso replied ‘50,000 dollars.’ amazed at the price the women puzzled, ‘50,000 isn’t that quite a lot, it only took you minutes to make!’ to which he replied, ‘no ma’am, it took me my entire life.’ 


there was once a girl named Maddy. he was ugly. Everyone hated her. One day a boy named Laddy kissed her. maddy was very confused. Then they both turned into birds and flew away. The end.


"There once was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end."

- clearly-invisible  
- chasinguniicorns   
Patrick Star 

There was once a girl. Every day she would ride the bus to work right after school. Every day, a guy got on the bus exactly four stops her and got off exactly four stops later. She always made eye contact with him for just a second before she’d turn back down to her book. She got extraordinarily ill and stayed home for the next week. Once she started riding the bus again, she saw the guy on the bus. This time, when she met his eye, he said, “It’s nice to have you back.” Fin~


Once upon a time there was this chick Shaquandra Hi’Fyerr. She was so happy that she got pregnant. She was all like “I hopped up out the bed, turn my swag on, took a look in the mirror said what’s up? Yeah, I’m getting money, oh” then on her way to a soccer game she got hit by a car, this other girl, Mia, was driving it. Mia then took out her ipod and starting singing to Beyonce. “You’re the only one I see(LOL JUST KIDDING). Come on baby it’s you(the one I hit with the car)” the end. I win.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Jill. She was in love with her best friend Mill. Mill was in love with her as well, and Jill knew that, but she never did anything. You see, Jill had a secret, every night at 11:47, Jill would turn into a snake. Jill could never tell Mill this, in fear he would abandon her. So Jill kept quiet and never spoke of her secret. Now, little did Jill know, Mill also turned into a snake at 11:47 every night. Mill never said anything for he thought Jill would not accept him. So they both lived their lives, in love with each other, both turning into snakes every night. 
The end.